Safer Products For Your Body And Our PlanetSafer products for your body and our planet. ECO PERIOD CARE
safer products for your body and our planet


say see ya to single-use


eco cloth pads - no nanosilver or any type of biocides
the essentials for

Maternity & Breastfeeding

completely free from harmful chemicals

Eco Period Cups -

body safe - planet safe

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For The Eco Woman
The Planet & The Wallet

A small family owned company located in rural WA
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Sustainable Period products
what people tell us they love
The fact that all our reusable cloth pads and cloth products are all guaranteed
free from chemicals by Oeko-Tex.

Our eco cloth pads are also free from toxic nanosilver/silver nanoparticles/anion strip/ion technology, biocides, or any other variation of such treatment, the antibacterial "odour controlling" treatment which is frequently used in reusable pads and period underwear. Such treatment may increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis, STI's and pregnancy complications according to

Yeast infections, itching and other discomforts often disappear when using eco reusable
cloth pads free from nanosilver etc.
Disposable sanitary products can worsen and are sometimes even the cause of vaginal problems.
Our washable eco cloth pads keeps you dry, fresh, comfortable, are super soft and durable without irritation. The best choice of period pads for every modern ecowoman.

People love the fact that all our reusable cloth pads, carry a massive 10 year warranty, this includes period pads, nursing pads and Breast-Warmers.
100% certified organic cotton.

By switching out disposables with ecowomen's reusable period pads and period cups
you no longer waste money, overuse plastics, chemicals and perfumes.
Have a period that is eco sustainable, it's much better for your body, wallet and the planet.

Sustainable eco period care, naturally for the eco woman.

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