About Us

ecowomen™ is 100% Australian owned and family run, operating out of south west WA.

We ship across Australia and worldwide to all who seek healthier and functional sustainable solutions.

ecowomen's sustainable period products will save you money, is better for your health and is better for the planet. 

MonthlyCup Period Cup contains no chemicals and does not release toxins into your body, or at combustion or manufacturing. The menstrual cup works by collecting blood instead of absorbing fluid, so your ph balance is not disturbed. ecowomen's Period Cup allows you to be more active for longer.

Reusable eco cloth pads and cloth tampons are also significantly better for your health, economy and the environment compared to its disposable counterparts.

ecowomen's reusable period products are certified chemical free, so you can be confident no chemicals are released in your body or your skin. 

We also offer safe, gentle and effective breastfeeding products and maternity care.  Breast-Warmers help with many common breastfeeding challenges.