Washable Eco Friendly Period Pads

Eco Period Pads

Make the switch to reusables

Washable Reusable Cloth Eco Period Pads
100% Organic Cotton
10 Year Warranty

Non Toxic, free from hidden nanosilver, ionic silver, silver nanoparticles, anion strip, or any other antibacterial/odour controlling biocide treatment. So now you know. 

Eco friendly washable and reusable cloth period pads are super soft, durable, absorbent and very comfortable.

Did you know that often pads and period underwear products are marketed as antibacterial when they have been treated with chemical substances called biocides? Biocides are a pesticide that can kill living organisms and are used, for example, to reduce bacterial growth. Unfortunately it also kills beneficial bacteria, which may increase the risk if bacterial vaginosis, STI's and pregnancy complications according to Women's Voices for the Earth .

"The best approach is to completely avoid products with biocides. When pads and period underwear are washed, the biocides end up in nature. This can harm other living organisms and contribute to antibiotic resistance," says Margareta Daho, an inspector at the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

We don't have any antibacterial treatment to our eco period products. After a 60°C wash, your pads are clean, hygienic, and ready to be used again.

22 products

22 products