FAQ Menstrual Cup

What is MonthlyCup made of?

Our menstrual cups are made of high quality silicone approved for medical usage.
Blue Sapphire and Pink Topaz contains up to 1 % vegan pigment paste.

How should I store my menstrual cup when I am not using it?

Your menstrual cup comes in a pouch made of organic cotton. When you are not using your cup, store it in this pouch.
Always make sure the cup is clean and dry before putting it away.

How do I know which size menstrual cup I should choose?

MonthlyCup is available in three sizes.

Mini: for the first few years of menstruation
Normal: for light to normal flow (suitable for most)
Plus: for heavy to very heavy flow

How does a menstrual cup feel?

If the menstrual cup is the right size and is inserted correctly, you will not feel it when it is in place and it will not leak.

How do I know if I can use menstrual cups?

Most people can use menstrual cups without any issues. If you are very sensitive and can not use tampons, a menstrual cup might actually work better because it does not absorb the vaginal discharge. Instead it collects only what it needs to – your period, and does not leave you feeling dry. If you have questions or want advice, do not hesitate to contact us!
We are happy to help in any way we can. You can reach us at sales@ecowomen.com.au for all your reusable menstrual product questions.

How often do I need to empty my menstrual cup?

It depends on what size you have and on how much you bleed.
Most people only need to empty the cup 2 times a day. If you are a heavy bleeder, that may require more frequent emptying.
However, do not keep your period cup inserted for more than 12 hours before emptying and cleaning it.

I often get yeast infections. Can a menstrual cup help?

Most people who experience problems with yeast infections feel that it gets better with a menstrual cup rather than traditional sanitary items. Just make sure that you are using a perfume free, intimate soap and that you have clean hands when handling your cup.
If you get a yeast infection while using your period cup, it is usually because of soap residue. Make sure to always rinse the cup properly.
The cup should never be used while you have an infection.


Over time, your menstrual cup will be discoloured due to the hemoglobin in your blood. If you rinse the cup in cold water before washing it, you reduce the risk of discolouration. You can also clean the cup with a soft sponge and some soap to remove the discolouration. Turn the period cup inside out for easier access. Discolourations does not affect the functionality of the cup.

I am having a hard time inserting the menstrual cup. What can I do?

One of the big advantages of using a menstrual cup is that it does not dry you out. This means that for most people the cup is easy to insert. However, if you find it difficult you can use a water based lubricant around the rim of the cup.

Sometimes trying a different folding technique also helps. Always make sure to angle your period cup towards your back when you insert it. That way it follows the vaginas natural tilt and will slide in to place easier. It may take a couple of periods before you learn how the menstrual cup works, but we promise – it is worth it!

I am having trouble getting my menstrual cup out. What can I do?

If you are having trouble with removing your menstrual cup and you have tried for a while, it might help to take a break. Go do something else for a while to let your body relax. The cup can not disappear into your body, and it can stay for up to 12 hours – so there is no need to panic! If you get stressed, your muscles will tense and it will make it even harder to move the cup. So try to relax.
If the cup has moved far up, squat and bear down on the cup to move it lower.
If the period cup has moved up only a little bit you can use the stem to gently ease it lower to where you can grab it around the base.

My menstrual cup will not open. What can I do?

A menstrual cup that has not opened properly will leak and can move. When the cup opens it creates a seal, and this in combination with your vaginal muscles makes the cup stay in place all day no matter how much you move.

To ensure that the menstrual cup opens properly, there are some tricks that you can use after you have inserted it:

– Spin the cup.
– Gently wiggle/pull/push the cup.
– Move a finger around the cup to help make space for it to open.
– Gently wiggle the cup while bearing down on it.

In addition to this, there are a lot of different folds to try. You just have to find one that suits your body the best.

My menstrual cup is leaking…

The most common cause of leakage is that the cup has not opened properly. It might also be that you have the wrong size, or that the cup is full.

See the question “My cup will not open. What can I do?” for tips, make sure that you empty your cup before it fills to the holes in the sides, or email us at sales@ecowomen.com.au and we will help you.

What can I do if my menstrual cup feels too big or too small?

If you feel that your menstrual cup is too big or too small, we recommend trying another fold to see if you can adjust the cup’s position to make it feel better. It may also be that you have the wrong size.
For further questions please contact us at sales@ecowomen.com.au
We have the answers to your reusable menstrual products questions.

My period cup has a nice fit, but the ball stem stands out. What can I do?

If the ball stem stands out, you have not put your cup in far enough. If it is impossible to put the cup in another way, just cut the stem off. It is supposed to be left but it does not disturb or change the function if you cut it off.

Before you cut your menstrual cup, it may be a good idea to turn it inside out to try how it feels without the stem. Keep in mind, however, to not have the cup in for a very long time when its inside out, so that you can get an easy access of it, since you do not have the griplines at hand.

What do I do if the menstrual cup is damaged or defective upon delivery?

If any of the products you have ordered are damaged upon delivery, please contact us so that we can resolve a return to you. We will of course send you a new product. Contact us at sales@ecowomen.com.au

Is my menstrual cup compatible with my IUD?

Of course, but it is important to be extra careful. Once you have inserted your IUD, you should wait a few months before using your cup so that the IUD heals properly.

Make sure that you release the negative pressure (insert a finger next to the menstrual cup so that some air can enter) before pulling it out. Also, be careful not to pull the wires when extracting the cup, make it a habit to make sure your IUD is in place. You could also ask your gynecologist/midwife to shorten the threads of your IUD, to reduce the risk of accidentally tug them. However, if your IUD comes loose, it probably did not attach very well from the beginning.

Do I have to boil my menstrual cup or are there other ways to clean it?

The cup should be boiled once a month, before or after your period does not matter.

Do MonthlyCup have any eco-labelling?

MonthlyCup the 100% Vegan menstrual cup, approved by Animal Rights Sweden. MonthlyCup is also environmentally friendly, a label that has been developed to inspire sustainable consumption. Read more about the label here: www.miljönär.se.

This menstrual cup is one of the best options available for those who look for sustainable period products.

Why are there small holes in the menstrual cup and how do I clean them?

The holes at the top of the menstrual cup are there to create the negative pressure properly when inserting the cup. If the cup is filled up to the level where the holes are, it will begin to leak, so empty your period cup a while before that. If you find it difficult to clean the holes properly, we recommend using a spacer dental brush. The narrow brush will get in everywhere.

Is the menstrual cup ecological or organic?

Silicone is based on a mixture of sand and coal which are natural materials. After combustion, silicon dioxide, water and carbon dioxide are formed. There are no dangerous emissions either during manufacturing or through combustion. A MonthlyCup Plus consists of about 16 grams of silicone and all of our cups lasts for five years, so they are incredibly environmentally friendly. But no, menstrual cups are not ecological or organic (since they do not grow).

Where is MonthlyCup manufactured?

MonthlyCup is manufactured in Sweden. The reason for this is because we want to make the world into a better place, and then it just seems wrong to put our production in a country where we do not know that the workers have fair conditions and where we can not keep track of production or materials.

How do I when I am in a public restroom?

Since your menstrual cup can sit for up to 12 hours, you may not even need to empty it when you are away. But, if it is full and you have to empty it then wash your hands before you enter the booth. Drain the period cup in the toilet and insert it again – wash it when you get the opportunity to do so. The most important thing is your hand hygiene!

If I have endometriosis, vaginism, vestibulitis or other vaginal problems, can I still use menstrual cups?

It’s almost impossible to answer, as it is extremely individual. Many people with both endometriosis and/or vestibulitis can actually use menstrual cups even though they can not use tampons. It is probably because the cup does not absorb anything that other menstrual protections does. Incredibly pleasing to us are the emails we receive from menstruating with vestibulitis who say they have become better since they switched to using menstrual cup.

Unfortunately, it may be more difficult with vaginism. If you experience very difficulties and/or severe pains, to get anything in at all, the probability is most likely that it also applies to cups.

We always recommend consulting your midwife or gynecologist. However, you can not know if you do not try. If you have very severe pains in your abdomen, try the small period cup first.

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