Eco Reusable Cloth Pads & Tampons

Eco Pads & Tampons

Make the switch to reusables

Reusable Cloth Eco Pads & Tampons In 100% Organic Cotton
All With 10 Year Warranty. That Says It All.

Cloth menstrual pads that are super soft, durable, absorbent and very comfortable. Eco Pads and Tampons go straight in the machine with your regular detergent.
Easy Peasy. Period.

Eco-friendly has finally become the new normal!

Reusable period pads and cloth tampons for the earth and for your body. Brand ecowomen's reusable menstrual protection is so much better for your body than disposable pads and tampons, as no harmful chemicals are released into your body.

The money saved is absolutely massive.

There is another plus; you'll not suddenly be scrambling because you ran out of disposable pads and tampons. We also offer menstrual cups, you might like to complement your reusable cloth pads with a MonthlyCup and see how you go. Many like to alternate a bit, it's a good idea to try different and complimentary ways of managing the period :-)

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12 products

12 products