Breast-Warmers in Wool Fleece
Breast-Warmers - Wool Fleece

Breast-Warmers™- Wool Fleece

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Breast-Warmers™- Wool Fleece.

For your convenience and comfort, Breast-Warmers™ Wool Fleece are super light and gently shaped for a smooth fit in your bra. This gentle and safe breastfeeding product can help you

  • Improve milk flow and increase yield.
  • Help feed, clear blocked milk ducts, express and collect colostrum easier.
  • Relieve pain and discomfort associated with vasospasm and engorgement.
  • Prevent mastitis.

Breast-Warmers™ - Wool Fleece are larger (size 16 cm Ø) and thicker than our other product  Breast-Warmers™ in thin Merino Wool, size 13.5 cm Ø) 
Both are safe gentle and worn in bra as long as you find helpful

Both our Breast-Warmers™ styles provide safe and gentle continuous warmth. You can never burn baby or breast tissue as Breast-Warmers™ is the breastfeeding product that is never hot. Remains warming also when damp.

Collecting colostrum and expressing: Wear Breast-Warmers ™ 20-30 min prior to starting session to achieve improved flow and a greater yield. 

Blocked milk ducts and prevent mastitis: Wear most of the time, or all the time.

Engorgement: Wear 20-30 min before feeding if you are engorged to prevent the milk "getting stuck" which can cause blocked ducts. Blocked ducts can in turn cause mastitis.

Vasospasm: Wear Breast-Warmers™ all the time for Vasospasm.

Breast-Warmers™- The Gentle and Safe Breastfeeding Product That Never Burns.

If you leak lots of milk simply wear nursing pads underneath Breast-Warmers.

Size: 16 cm Ø
Colour: Brown Melange
Material: 63% recycled wool, 24%polyamid, 13% polyester 
Gentle hand or machine wash in cold to warm water.
No fabric softner. Drip dry.
10 year warranty.


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