Period Cup - Plus - Get Two For The Price Of One
Period Cup - Plus - Get Two For The Price Of One
MonthlyCup Size Plus - Menstrual Cup
Period Cup - Plus - Get Two For The Price Of One
Period Cup - Plus - Get Two For The Price Of One

Period Cup - Plus - Get Two For The Price Of One

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My Free Second Period Cup
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Period Cup Plus for heavy to very heavy flow.

This size is best if you need to exchange your traditional period protection more than every third hour (need to change, not just changing because you go to the toilet) then we recommend this Period Cup size. 

It is actually one of the biggest Period Cups on the market.

Plus Period Cup
Diameter 47mmVolume 34ml
Length with ball stem 65mm
Length without ball stem 55mm

Just ONE Period Cup replaces about 1,600 single use tampons and pads.

Our Menstrual Cup - Period Cup Plus does not release any harmful chemicals either at manufacturing or combustion.

During a lifetime you will only need 6-7 period cups in comparison with over 12,000 disposable tampons and pads.

This Period Cup is reusable for up to 5 years! 

Convenient & Comfortable Period Cup

  • You can not feel it when it is inserted correctly
  • Collects your period instead of absorbing it
  • You can sleep and swim with it in
  • Does not leak when placed correctly
  • Made of soft silicone for medical use
  • You do not need pads, tampons or panty liners as complement

Made in Sweden, of high quality silicone approved for medical usage.

One Menstrual Cup with One Organic Cotton Drawstring Pouch.

Got some more questions? Visit our FAQ page here for Period Cups and get straight answers. Alternatively contact us!


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Eco Pads are certified chemical free by OEKO-TEX® standard, an independent testing and certification system for textile products. 
10 Year Warranty. Says it all.

MonthlyCup with no harmful chemicals either at manufacutring or combustion. A safe menstrual cup for your health and the planet.
100% Vegan and environmentally friendly for sustainable consumption. 



So soft! Any no exposed PUL to irritate skin!
I'm telling my friends and I'm placing another order, and thank you for the discount.

Bundle Eco Cloth Reusable Pads
Jody C. Dec 2023
Kawungan QLD

I just wanted to let you know I have just used my reusable pads I purchased from you & oh my gosh I truly didnt think they would be this good! They are SO comfortable!! They can be full but don't feel good. 
Once again, I'm Very happy with your product!

Eco Pads ecowomen Australia
Nicole A. Aug 2023
Bundaberg QLD

What is OEKO-TEX®, and why does it matter?

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