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Nursing Pads - Stay Dry 3 Pairs

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Soft and flexible nursing pads absorb milk from leaking breasts and prevent wet stains on clothes. 

The nursing pads have a waterproof outer breathable fabric, middle layer of absorbent organic cotton terry. Closest to the skin is a layer of polyester that keeps the breasts dry.

With our practical wet bags, you conveniently store used nursing pads until you get home.
A sustainable, economical and environmentally conscious alternative to disposable pads. Tip! Also use our Breast-Warmers in wool for extra warmth and reduce the risk of blocked ducts and mastitis.

12 cm
Wash 60 °C do not use fabric softner as it reduces absorbency.
5 year warranty
Oeko-Tex Standard

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Why choose us?

Quality & warranty


Eco Pads are Certified Chemical Free by OEKO-TEX® Standard, an independent testing and certification system for textile products. 
With a 10 Year Warranty.

MonthlyCup with no harmful chemicals either at manufacutring or combustion. A safe menstrual cup for your health and the planet. 
100% Vegan and environmentally friendly for sustainable consumption. 



Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me! Not having worry about having enough pads and tampons at home and with me. The world's greatest invention!

Therese Dec 2021
Dee Why NSW

I love my MonthlyCups because I don't have to think about caring for my period every couple of hours. I alter cup size according to my flow days, it works perfect for me.

Sienna Jan 2022
Perth WA

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