Extra Slim Pads Jersey - Regular Dotted 3-p
Extra Slim Pads Jersey - Regular Dotted 3-p

Extra Slim Pads Jersey - Regular Dotted 3-p

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Unbeatable eco-friendly comfort!

Extra Slim Cloth Pads made with organic cotton jersey, very smooth flexible and comfortable feel. This model is perfect for the active eco woman.

Length 25cm Width 20.5cm

Eco Pads Extra Slim in Jersey has the same absorbency as all our reusable cloth pads, they are just a bit slimmer being made with jersey instead of flannel.

These reusable period pads are made of 100% organic cotton jersey and are reinforced with a thin layer of certified PUL making them leak proof.

Wash eco pads before first wear, as this increases the absorbency.

With two buttons on the wings, eco pads are easily attached around the crotch of your underwear.

A few reusable cloth pads replace hundreds of disposable menstrual pads.
It's better for your wallet, and better for our planet.

To ensure you are happy with your eco reusable period products, 
we have a 10 year warranty on our Imse products.

Still got questions? Visit our FAQ Eco Pads here, or Chat with us!

Why choose us?

Quality & warranty


Eco Pads are Certified Chemical Free by OEKO-TEX® Standard, an independent testing and certification system for textile products. 
With a 10 Year Warranty.

MonthlyCup with no harmful chemicals either at manufacutring or combustion. A safe menstrual cup for your health and the planet. 
100% Vegan and environmentally friendly for sustainable consumption. 



Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me! Not having worry about having enough pads and tampons at home and with me. The world's greatest invention!

Therese Dec 2021
Dee Why NSW

I love my MonthlyCups because I don't have to think about caring for my period every couple of hours. I alter cup size according to my flow days, it works perfect for me.

Sienna Jan 2022
Perth WA

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