Colostrum Collector Kit with Funnel

Colostrum Collector Kit - The Complete Kit With Funnel

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You have four options in how to collect and store expressed colostrum antenatally with this complete kit:

1. Collect expressed colostrum into the funnel, with one of the included syringes attached. Draw the collected colostrum into the syringe, cap, label and store.

2. Collect colostrum directly with the syringes, drop by drop, without the funnel, cap, label and store.

3. Express colostrum directly into the mini cups, cap, label and store in the cups.

4. Collect colostrum into the cups, draw the colostrum into syringes from cups. Cap, label and store.

Complete Colostrum Collector Kit includes:

1 x Funnel (Sterile)
3 x 1ml Oral Syringes* (Sterile)
5 x 2.5ml Oral Syringes* (Sterile)
8 x Tip Caps (Sterile)
2 x 30ml Cups with Lids, BPA free
8 x Syringe Labels
2 x Freezer Zip Lock Bags
2 x Comprehensive Instruction sheets how to hand express, collect, store, warm and give colostrum, with extra tips that can be helpful.

This complete antenatal colostrum expressing kit includes all you need, without fancy packaging that just takes extra space in freezer, so you can collect colostrum antenatally easily and economically. Collect the colostrum you produce in the easiest way possible, in a way that wastes the least.

If you think you need more syringes with caps, you can add some HERE.
If you like 4 extra cups with lids just specify in a note when you order and we'll include four extra free of charge.

* All our colostrum syringes are compatible with the global standard ENFIT hospital feeding tubes, so baby can be given colostrum by mouth and/or tube.

The amount of colostrum produced is very individual, any amount you manage to get is beneficial for baby!

Express and collect the colostrum you get using the four options you have with this kit. Store as per included instructions. Every little drop is nutrient-dense, hight in antibodies. and antioxidants to build. your baby's immune system. 

Save all expressed colostrum you get even if it appears to be very little, it matters to your baby. 0.5ml still counts, that's why we include tiny 1ml syringes as well as 2.5ml, we also include cups in case you suddenly got lots, or simply find it easier.

Why is it best to express colostrum with a funnel attached to an oral syringe?

Because often mums find it easier and less colostrum is wasted.

Store collected colostrum in the syringes with tip caps, or the cups with lids attached. Label and store in one of the zip lock bags provided, refrigerate up to 24 hours or freeze up to 3 months. 

There is no need to add extra expense with fancy containers for keeping syringes and cups clean and together. A clear clean bag with your name is sufficient.

*These oral syringes attach to a feeding tube if relevant, they are compatible with the highest and current hospital ENFIT global standard feeding tubes.

By drawing the milk into an ENFIT syringe you can feed baby by mouth, and also connect the syringe to a tube if your baby happens to be tube-fed for some reason. "Traditional" slip-fit oral syringes, such as pharmacy oral medication syringes, do not connect to feeding tubes. This is because the new global standard is ENFIT fitting for oral feeds. (Global ISO Standard 80369-3)

To clarify: If you are expressing antenatally and there is some chance your baby may be premature or unwell, or you are unwell, get Simple Solutions Colostrum Collector Kit as this set includes the ENFIT compatible style syringes. This gives you the option to give colostrum by mouth and tube.

Express colostrum no matter how little it may appear to be, every drop is truly worth collecting.

Colostrum Syringes 2.5ml x 8 with caps     .

Customer Reviews

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Perri Nemati

I was hoping for more from this & thought the funnel would be perfect. Instead it seems to hold & waste the colostrum that I’m working hard to get. Disappointed

Hi Perri,
I'm sorry you were dissapointed in the funnel not coping. There is great variations on volume of colostrum for people, this is why we include two cups with lids so you have the option to use those if the funnel does not cope. The oral syringes in 1 and 2.5ml are to either be attached to the funnel, used directly to collect drops, or suck colostrum from the cup to then store it. I hope this helps so you can get maximum use of the options in this kit.

Great kit for great price

A helpful sized kit. I’m glad I got it as my baby ended up in special care and we used the colostrum, I wish I had tried a bit harder and expressed more (I gave up after 2 or 3 days due to such tiny amounts for a lot of work). So if you’re considering it, buy this and collect whatever you can. And take it to hospital - I had less than 1mL but we used it.

Nyssa, it's wonderful to hear you collected what you could, tiny amounts really do matter! We include the 1ml syringes to try to convey this message. It's gold for your baby. x

Colostrum Kit Success

Purchased this kit around week 37 of my pregnancy and started collecting colostrum around week 38. I found the small medicine cup very handy to express into. Much easier than trying to collect straight from breast to syringe. Good value for money, very fast shipping. Would purchase again from Ecowomen!!

Great to hear Tara, I'm happy to hear the cup option worked well for you. We try to give options so you are covered for minimum as well as generous amounts of colostrum. Best wishes for a positively journey ahead. x

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