Colostrum Syringes 1ml x 8 with caps
Colostrum Syringes 2.5ml x 8 with caps

8 x Colostrum Syringes with Caps

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Choose 1ml or 2.5ml colostrum collection syringes.
Economical mini pack for antenatal expressing of colostrum.

Also suitable if you need a few extra syringes to go with our "Complete Kit with Funnel' 

This pack includes:
8 x Colostrum Syringes with Caps (Sterile)
Labels, ziplock bag and instructions.

The pack is perfect if think you need a few extra syringes to go with the COMPLETE KIT WITH FUNNEL You can also use these syringes with caps without the Kit if you are looking for a simple and economical way of expressing and collecting colostrum antenatally.
This pack with oral syringes without the kit is suitable if you anticipate to collect very little as you use the syringe to collect each individual drop. 

These Colostrum Collection Syringes with Caps are ENFIT design, meaning they will fit ENFIT enteral feeding tubes should baby need to be fed by tube, for any unanticipated reasons. This may be required if baby is premature or unwell. The syringes have a smooth barrel and can be used to give colostrum by mouth and tube.

Colostrum is very important because it's rich in secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA), which helps to protect baby from infection. Colostrum also helps to establish a normal gut microbiome in baby. So even if you only get 1ml or less, collect it and give baby!

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