The Zaky ZAK® Wrap Skin-To-Skin Contact
The Zaky ZAK® Wrap Skin-To-Skin Contact
The Zaky ZAK® Wrap Skin-To-Skin Contact
The Zaky ZAK® Wrap Skin-To-Skin Contact

The Zaky ZAK® Wrap Skin-To-Skin Contact

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Zaky ZAK provides comfort, proper positioning, and sense of security to the baby.

The Zaky ZAK is a strong, soft, breathable, stretchy and strapless top made with natural fibres that wraps around the torso of the adult. 

The Skin-To-Skin Wrap closes on the side with an adjustable zipper so it fits consistently session after session for a predictable nurturing experience. Evidence suggests that during continuous contact, the baby reaches deep sleep necessary to heal, grow and develop their brain.

Size 1 in LILAC converts to 3 sizes S/M/L 

Size 2 in LIME converts to 3 sizes XL/2XL/3XL

Practice safe and effective Kangaroo Care in NICU, on the maternity ward and at home. 

Why Use Zaky ZAK?

Many parents feel much more confident and comfortable holding their newborn baby skin-to-skin contact (aka kangaroo care) when using Zaky ZAK Wrap

​Feeling anxious and overwhelmed holding a newborn baby skin-to-skin contact is common for many new parents. Understandably even more so if your baby is unwell or prematurely born.

How Do I Use Zaky ZAK?

Put the Zaky ZAK on the person who will hold baby, without a top or bra underneath, directly on the skin.
Use the three different zipper positions to get a firm snug fit.
Sit down.
Undress baby down to the nappy. Add a beanie if baby needs for warmth.
Have someone place baby inside Zaky ZAK, directly on your skin, chest to chest, simply by pulling the fabric out, or using the zipper.
Baby should be snug inside the Zaky ZAK, like a little frog, with the head sticking out from the ears.
Make sure baby is safe and comfortable.
Add a blanket if needed, making sure baby's head is not covered.
Remain in resting position while practising skin-to-skin care, relax and enjoy for an extended time, or as long as you are both comfortable.

Get qualified assistance to gently remove baby from Kangaroo Care session by stretching the fabric or by using the zipper.

At all times be safe while practising Skin-To-Skin Contact.

Click HERE for more information and research about Zaky ZAK from the manufacturer Nurtured By Design USA.

    ZakyZAK Kangaroo Care


Kangaroo Care using The ZakyZAK   

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