Colostrum Collector Kit with Funnel
Funnel and syring for easy colostrum collection

Colostrum Collector Kit With Funnel

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Hand express colostrum into the funnel with an oral syringe attached.
Colostrum Collector Kit includes:

1 x Sterile Funnel
3 x 1ml Sterile Oral Syringes*
5 x 2.5ml Sterile Oral Syringes*
8 x Sterile Tip Caps
2 x 30ml Cups with Lids, BPA free
Syringe Labels
Zip Lock Bag

Why express colostrum with a funnel?
Because most mums find it easier and less colostrum is wasted.

No added expense with more containers are required for keeping syringes and cups clean and together. A clear clean bag with your name is sufficient.

Store the collected colostrum in the syringes with tip caps, or in the cups with lids attached.Label and store in the zip lock bag provided, refrigerate up to 24 hours or freeze up to 3 months. 

*Give to baby directly from the syringes, the cups, or with the syringes attached to a tube if relevant. These oral syringes are compatible with the current hospital ENFIT global standard feeding tubes.

With a colostrum collection kit by Simple Solutions International you have the most options in the most economical way. 

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