Education Australia

ecowomen is the recommended supplier
to schools and universities 2023.


Australian Government school expenditure is projected to $25.3 billion, of which $15 billion invested in non-government schools and $10.4 billion in government schools. Over the next ten years, Australian Government funding per student will increase by 46%.

The education sector has been allocated huge funding specific to each category in order to support multiple industries. This funding is available on both a federal and state level, designed to cover a wide variety of sectors including health & hygiene, academic support, resources, innovation and technology. 

Education Australia Resource Guide works in conjunction with the funding in order to improve the education sector throughout Australia, informing institutions about what funding is available and where to access this, in turn providing them with a small handful of recommended suppliers within each sector.

For you, this means your school/university can now provide you with period care products so you can keep studying and not miss out on any classes due to your period.
Inferior products and/or period poverty that keep students away from keeping up with education is a real thing in Australia. Let's make it a thing of the past!

Education Australia Resource Guide online link 
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